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  Thank you for visiting We have been selling ocean jewelry since 1999.Most of the shark tooth necklaces we make ourselves the shell bracelets and specialty items come from the Bahamas. They are hand crafted by local craftsman who take pride in their work. All are necklaces and other jewelry are quality products and unique. Each shark tooth necklace is made from various bone, apple coral, carved horn, bamboo beads and comes with a rolled barrel clasps or sterling silver. We only sell quality pieces not like jewelry found in your local discount store made on an assembly line. None of our  sea shells or shark teeth come from a endangered species. The fossil shark teeth are from the Bahamas  were buried deep below the ocean floor for 10's of thousands of years.

Moroccan Shark Teeth

  Sharks loose and grow teeth throughout their entire lives. Their teeth are specialized versions of the little "teeth" in their skin, the dermal denticles. Quite recently engineers realized that by reducing the amount of turbulence these denticles greatly reduce the drag on a shark as it glides through the water. This discovery is now used to create rough surfaces on e.g. airplane wings! If you look into a shark's mouth, you can see row after row of teeth. Note that the flatter side of a tooth is the part that faces outwards.
  Mako sharks have pointy teeth, with very long and curved roots Tiger shark teeth have one large crown on the anterior side, and many small serrations on the posterior side.

   Shark Tooth necklaces are hand made with a 1" jewelry grade shark tooth or Mako shark teeth. Each shark tooth necklace is unique and individually made.  FREE shipping U.S.. Please email us if you need a different size shark tooth necklace.






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