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  These bamboo wind chimes are hand carved Our bamboo products offer beauty, strength and stability while displaying all of the eco-friendly benefits of a sustainable resource. As the fastest growing plant on Earth, bamboo plays an important role in the reduction of timber consumption, promoting environmental preservation and forest protection throughout the world. The production of bamboo serves as a means to alleviate poverty in rural economies and to provide a useable resource for eco-friendly consumers.


Bamboo is a grass and will grow in a large part of the globe so you may be fortunate enough to have a stand of this marvelous plant nearby. If you would like to dry and work with your own green bamboo, then this next section is for you.
If you already have a supply of bamboo that is ready to turn into chimes, scroll down to the tools section and go on from there
Freshly cut bamboo has its own problems if left untreated, such as attacks by powder post beetles whose larvae burrow into the tissue and leave behind a fine powder. A pile of shredded, powdery bamboo is only fit for the fire. Fungus will decay the bamboo or leave it stained with gray, black, blue or brown discoloration. Bleaching will help, but the correct drying and storing will help to prevent these problems.


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