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Remember walking through that back door, the aroma surrounding you?  That warm feeling inside?   Now you can capture that fragrance for your home with out the fuss of the real thing.  No dirty dishes, no pots and pans Mini Logs 6 inches long and 4 inches high - Just makes you want to grab a fork and a knife and slice a piece for yourself!  These look and smell just like a bread goodie! Available in Cinnamon , this highly scented faux food candle have 2 wicks and weigh over 1 9oz lb's. Hand Poured Candle! Cup Cakes candles look like the real thing. 3 1/2  inches high by 4 inches across. Each is rapped and tied with a ribbon .Shipping included in the price.

Cinnamon Mini Log $15.99 sold out


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Cinnamon  Scent
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