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  Hand-carved from soapstone in Kenya, this chess set features 32 delicate pieces in an animal theme on a 15-inch square board. As each piece is hand carved from natural stone, please allow for some variations in color and design. All of the soapstone products are completely handmade.

  Soapstone is mined from great pits in the area surrounding Kiisi, Kenya. The mined soapstone is then delivered to carvers who carve sculptures from the natural stone.

  $74.99 free shipping to the lower U.S. Please allow 7 days for delivery.

  Red heart $29.99
 Hand carved from soapstone, this unique sculpture represents two lovers in the shape of a heart. Measures 8 inches tall.
  lovers $29.99
 Hand carved from soapstone, these sculptures feature a representation of two lovers in circle. The piece is carved from one piece of soapstone and is about 10 inches tall.
  Blue sugar bowl 26.99
 Beautiful sugar bowl and painted by hand with a lizard design. Includes a spoon of carved cow bone Stylized elephant handle. Bowl is 3.75 inches in diameter and 2.25 inches tall excluding the elephant handle.


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