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  A gemstone is a mineral, rock, such in the case of lapis lazuli, or petrified material that when cut or faceted and polished is collectible or can be used in jeweler. Others are organic, such as amber, which is fossilized tree resin and jet, a form of coal. Some gemstones which may be generally considered precious or beautiful are too soft or too fragile to be used in jewelry, for example, single-crystal rhodochrosite,
Some gemstones are manufactured to imitate other gemstones. For example, cubic zirconium is a synthetic diamond  composed of zirconium oxide. The imitations copy the look and color of the real stone but possess neither their chemical nor physical characteristics. However, true synthetic gemstones are not necessarily imitation. For example, diamonds, ruby, sapphires and emeralds have been manufactured in labs, which possess very nearly identical chemical and physical characteristics to the genuine article. Synthetic corundums, including ruby and sapphire, are very common and they cost only a fraction of the natural stones. Smaller synthetic diamonds have been manufactured in large quantities as industrial abrasives for many years.
  Domestic gemstone production included agates, amber, beryl, coral, garnet, jade, jasper, opal, pearl, quartz , sapphire, shell, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, and many other gem materials. In decreasing order,
California, Tennessee, Arizona, Oregon, Arkansas, Idaho, and Montana produced 85% of U.S. natural gemstones.
Production of synthetic gemstones decreased by 38% during the year, owing to large decreases in the production of
cubic zirconium and moissanite. Reported output of synthetic gemstones was from six firms in North Carolina, New York, Florida, California, Michigan, and Arizona, in decreasing order of production.
    Like all expressions of life, gemstones need and deserve care to retain their vitality. As therapeutic gemstones help us release energetic impurities and blockages, some of these released energies cling to the surface of the gemstones. These disharmonious energies quickly build up on the surface of the gems, inhibiting their ability to work at peak capacity. Regular cleansing clears these energies and restores the gemstones to their naturally vibrant state. Several minutes of care given regularly will keep therapeutic gemstones vital and ready to help us take our next step in growth and healing. Giveagemstone.com

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