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These beautiful Red, Apple, and Blue coral 18' necklaces are in limited supply . Click picture to enlarge. Free shipping.
Red coral lives forming tree-like colonies with irregular shape branches. It has a calcium skeleton which may reach a length of 2 feet, though normally is well under this size. Those branches are formed by white polyps, each one with 8 tiny tentacles. The branches are covered with a bright red tissue, red coral can be as deep as 300 feet, as is true with Blue coral and Apple coral. Necklace sets Page 2

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Necklace adjusts to 18" bracelet is 7"
Real Bronze Cultured pearls

$29.99Sold out
Beautiful Blue Coral 18" Necklace

Blue Dolphin Carved 16" Necklace and
matching bracelet.

Multi strand Bamboo 18" necklace

Multi strand Bamboo 16" necklace

18" on Sale

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