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Shark fishing is done from either a drifting or anchored boat. Hooks are baited with fresh fish, and a block of frozen ground up fish chum is hung over the side and allowed to disperse with the current as it thaws. Sharks intercept the scent and work their way to the boat. Sometimes they'll be seen swimming on the surface, or right next to the boat. Other times the first clue that they've arrived is when line starts screaming from a reel and a mako jumps 15 feet out of the water. Oh how exciting shark fishing can be!

  Shark fishing at times can be outstanding just off the Galveston Island. Large numbers of Black tip sharks are by far the most targeted. However, encounters with big Bull shark, Tiger shark, and Hammerhead occur each summer.
Light tackle and hands on instruction will teach you, your family and your friends the secrets. We believe it is our responsibility to teach our clients the lessons we have learned the hard way to make their fishing experience a learning one. This “hands on” approach has been very popular among our clients. Many of those who have fished with us often over the years would now make a world class deckhand on a charter boat.
So many northeast anglers love shark fishing. In fact, it's a mainstay of the offshore fleet up there. Unfortunately the season just isn't long enough and the most exciting of the species (makos and threshers) have an even shorter season within that.


  Florida is the place for all you shark lovers, even when it is blowing because we have two coasts to choose from. I just recently got into the gulf side action after several weeks of "blow outs" in a row, thanks to very strong easterlies.
Even if you're a novice when it comes to Shark Fishing, if you're interested in fighting a worthy offshore opponent of considerable size, you have to give this a go. There are many who don't appreciate shark fishing, but once you've tried it and had some interesting battles, you may become a big time fan. Of course, not many sharks are great eating, so that might influence some fishermen who feel obligated to bring something home. But stand-up shark fishing is usually consistent action, and if you're a fisherman first
It really is not that difficult to fish for sharks. Of course you need much heavier tackle than you would use for catching bluefish or striped bass.
Generally anglers do not like catching blue sharks because they do not jump like mako sharks. Blue sharks can get pretty big, though -- as big as 12 feet! If you haven't caught a big shark, it is quite an experience. Some say blue sharks even give you a good fight. Here again, if you have never caught one you'll enjoy the experience. It is something worth doing at least once in your lifetime.

  The most important technique used when shark fishing is to set a good chum slick -- just like when flounder fishing -- only using much more chum. There are different kinds of chum used for catching sharks. I'll mention two here. The first is bunker chum. Bunker chum is ground up bunker which is then frozen in large tins. Bunker chum is very oily and produces a slick on top of the water. You can actually see the slick flatter than the surrounding water.


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